Personal Services

Clinical Supervision

Need a certified instructor or supervisor? We meet your unique developmental needs while complying with all regulatory and institutional mandates.

Grounded in the Kadushin model, supervision assists you in becoming a critically reflexive practitioner. Beyond attention to the administrative, clinical, and supportive functions of social work, supervision is designed to help you stay in love with your professional role, understand the ethical dilemmas that are inherent in it, and identify creative and syntonic avenues for you to express yourself.


Tired of coping and making do? Wanting to feel like yourself again? Our strengths-based, relational approach centers your experience, supports the change process, and re-connects you with yourself. 

Individual, couples, and family therapy's orientation is Rogerian, with the understanding that feeling safe and accepted from the moment of contact will determine whether you actually benefit from and stay in treatment. Cognitive-behavioral, psychoanalytic, and other evidenced-based techniques are employed in relation to who you are, what issues are most salient, and how best to help strengthen what's working and undo what doesn't. 


Are you looking to keep yourself accountable? Want to objectively measure your growth? Our holistic approach ensures you develop systems and incorporate tools that meet your individual lifestyle.    

If you're  "stuck" or unfulfilled, coaching provides you with strategies and support to clarify your goals and move forward.  We'll build a collaboratively constructed plan to articulate and achieve your goals. Areas of expertise include managers, graduate students, creatives, and individuals with attentional and/or anxiety issues.

If you're unsure whether therapy or coaching is for you, check out this article


If you have insurance and would like to use it, feel free to schedule an appointment with me via Headway, who will expedite approval with the following:

  • AETNA 
  • CIGNA 
  • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield (Empire Blue)



I get it--for many reasons, you may not wish to use your insurance benefits: fear of job loss, averse and/or limited work assignments, retaliation, and the potential stigma are real factors. I will work with you to assure you are able to access the care you desire while avoiding any new difficulties. Use this client portal to discuss options.

Virtual Office

NOTE:   Monthly superbills will allow you to claim out of network benefits and/or obtain reimbursement.

Whether in- or out-of-network, cost should never be a barrier to getting help. Reach out and we'll work on a plan together. Rates for self-pay are set at intake and are dependent on session length and are adjustable with your changing circumstances. 

Diagnostic Intake (60-90 minutes)

Includes coordination with PCP or referral source.


Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy (40-60 minutes)

Reduced rates for essential service workers during the COVID crisis. 


Clinical Supervision (75 mins)



Short-term and/or episodic contracts to achieve performance or product goals.