Program Services

Clinician | Educator | Evaluator | Writer

With more than 30 years of experience across multiple sectors, the unifying theme of my work has been to give voice to and build community with stigmatized and silent populations. Combining a range of skills, content area expertise, and a compassionate forthrightness, I look forward to expanding opportunities together.

Capacity Building & Training

Clinical | Programmatic | Managerial

Need individualized curricula, workshops, or training designed and delivered a/synchronously? We offer face-to-face, web-based, or hybrid sessions and customize manuals and materials to match the approach and LMS to be used. 

Evaluation & Research

QA/CQI | Process/Outcome | Fidelity | Satisfaction

Wanting to strengthen your agency programming? Introduce evidence-based practices? Engage stakeholders and enhance satisfaction? Our approach is to build your internal capacity while assuring rigor and compliance with grantor mandates.

Program Development 

Prospecting | Proposals | Project Management

Needing to expand services or fill programmatic gaps? We help you move from concept to content to contract. Since 2009, we've procured over $134M in Federal, State, and Philanthropic grants for our clients.

Field Instruction & Supervision


Need a certified instructor or supervisor? We make sure your unique developmental needs are met while complying with all regulatory and institutional mandates. 

Data Visualization

Infographics | Dashboards

Wanting to better communicate your agency's successes and achievements? We can create powerful visuals for reports, campaigns, and websites by mining your data and RM system. 

Download the grantsmanship summary to assess whether the types of proposals written and led align with your organizational direction and needs.